The magic of Zambia

As a regular visitor, about every 6 months, it always fascinates me to compare Zambia during the 90s and early 2000s to what I witness each time I come back and the country has come a long way.

Trip in Zambia Kees on boat


Once one hits the escarpments one gets to enjoy the scenery that the mountains bring. There are 5 baobab trees that you encounter just before the Chirundu border that are simply amazing to see.

Siavonga is a very small town that thrives on its fishing activities. The place is a sanctuary away from the capital. If you want to look for tranquility and a beautiful scenery, then Siavonga is your place to be. Whilst in Siavonga, one can visit the biggest manmade lake, which is the biggest source of hydro power for both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Do some fishing on the lake or simply rent a boat and tour the lake. There is a fish market in the town as well and the fossil forest is a short drive away.

As for sleeping amenities, you can not go wrong with Lake Kariba Inns. They have a great restaurant, recently renovated rooms, a simple gym with fantastic views that is open 24/7 and one can do all kinds of boating activities. The Zebras roaming the hotels grounds was a real bonus to my experience.

The Zebras roaming the hotels grounds was a real bonus to my experience.

Fond memories

All in all, a lovely visit filled with plenty of activities that not only give you a taste of the real Africa, but also provide you with fond memories of the magic that is Zambia.


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